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      nada logo
      Pride flags flying side-by-side: old 6-colour flag and new flag

      REAL change, REAL impact, REAL progress, REAL understanding 

      To #REALizeYourPride, Egale is launching a collection of online events, accessible activities, shareable resources, and more to help people connect and celebrate Pride 2022. 

      Older adult women having makeup applied by younger rer

      2SLGBTQI Dementia Networks of Support – Where do you fit?

      Explore three stories to see a glimpse of the experiences, perspectives, and needs of 2SLGBTQI people living with dementia and their rers in nada.

      Two men, one with his arm around the other in a comforting gesture

      2SLGBTQI Inclusion for Mental Health and Social Service Providers.

      Sign up for our free webinar geared towards mental health and social service providers.

      Person wearing "hipster" style yellow hat looking up to the left

      We’re lling on the government to protect intersex human rights.

      Read our latest court se to learn more.

      Egale team at the Identity Conference

      About Us

      We work to create societies and systems that reflect the universal truth that all persons are equal and none is other.

      Helen Kennedy at podium

      Latest News

      Find information on current issues, upcoming webinars, and read past editions of our newsletter, The Acronym.

      Holding hands behind rainbow flag


      Support our work to create a world where every person n achieve their full potential free from hatred and bias.


      Access latest reports

      Centering 2SLGBTQI experiences, our research is community-based and action-oriented. The reports we publish are used nationally and worldwide to create positive change for 2SLGBTQI people. 


      Learn with workshops

      Through inclusive workplace trainings to school initiatives, our edutional resources allow everyone, no matter what level of knowledge they hold, opportunities to contribute to a society where everyone is equal, and none are other. 


      Trans students have reported experiencing sexual harassment.


      2SLGBTQI seniors fear being ‘forced back into the closet’ in residential re.


      nadian employees report to experiencing discrimination in the workplace.


      Homeless youth in nada identify as 2SLGBTQI.


      Find learning tools and resources

      For schools, workplaces, communities, and allies looking to better understand and discuss 2SLGBTQI issues.

      Legal Advocy

      Follow legal issues

      Legal advocy is how we ensure the research, edution, and awareness work we do is lasting. Our legal advocy work helps to make explicit that 2SLGBTQI experiences are reflected in policy at all levels of government and beyond.